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Learn how to target Millennial Hispanics in the U.S. and strengthen your Digital Marketing Strategy. 

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 What you will Find in this White paper:

There are 55 million Hispanics in the United States and almost 60 percent of Hispanics are millennials or younger, and they account for 80 percent of segment growth.

This Whitepaper How to Approach Hispanic Millennials will help you understand the perspective of Millennial Hispanics, their customs, consumption habits, the social networks they use and which could be the best to focus your strategy and more.

Research Snapshot:

  • Millennial Hispanics are 211% more likely to download content from the Internet than the general population.
  • Over 60% of Hispanic Millennials are online.
  • Hispanics are also significantly more influenced than non-Hispanics by social media, favorite blogs and TV advertisements across grocery categories. 
  • They are more likely than other Millennials to shop at mass retailers like Walmart and Target.
  • 83% of Hispanics who access the internet on a mobile device use it while in a store to inform a purchase in real time. 
  • 93% of them take action, such as performing a search, visiting a company’s website or making a purchase.

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